What We Do

Our services are designed to provide organizations with the tools and capacity to analyze effectiveness, address relevant issues, guide decision-making, and maximize results.

What We Do

Our services are designed to provide organizations with the tools and capacity to analyze effectiveness, address relevant issues, guide decision-making, and maximize results.

We help answer hard questions that lead to important decisions.



We conduct research on topics of interest to illuminate best practices and inform decision-making for clients. These topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • Curriculum Development

  • Resource Management

  • Parent & Community Engagement

  • Student Access Initiatives

  • High School Dropout Prevention

  • College Retention

  • Health (Mental, Physical, & Sexual)

  • Employability

  • Community Development

Upon conclusion of each research project, we provide our clients with a digital research library consisting of a comprehensive database of the sources Data Works used to answer research questions, conduct literature reviews, and identify best practices. The digital research library will include, but will not be limited to: source, citation, summary/abstract of work, results, and recommendations for organizational or instructional decisions. The digital research library will be designed in a way that allows users to easily and independently access this resource even after Data Works has fulfilled its obligation.


Data Analysis

Our team is made up of mixed-methods evaluators who value both the breadth of information made possible with quantitative methods and the depth of information generated with qualitative methods.

We have had extensive rigorous training and many years of experience in quantitative data analysis. Our repertoire of quantitative research methods includes:

  • Linear regression

  • The ANOVA (analysis of variance) family of models

  • Logistic and multinomial regression

  • Hierarchical linear modeling

  • Structural equation modeling

  • Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis

  • Propensity score analysis

  • Regression discontinuity


Thanks to our sizable toolkit of quantitative methods, we can fit the method to the data and the evaluation/research questions, rather than the other way around (as is so common among people with fewer methods at their disposal).


We are also practiced in a variety of qualitative research methods, including:

  • In-depth interviews

  • Focus groups

  • Observations

  • Content analysis


Program Evaluation

Data Works is well-versed in the following types of evaluations:


Our basic evaluation services include:

  • Working with key stakeholders to develop the program’s logic model linking the program’s resources, activities, goals, and short-, mid-, and long-term outcomes

  • Collaborating with program staff to create a comprehensive evaluation plan, including a timeline of evaluation activities and deliverables

  • Creating data collection tools to track and monitor metrics

  • Creating and administering surveys to obtain client feedback and gauge satisfaction

  • Developing rubrics for and conducting on-sight observations to determine implementation fidelity

  • Developing protocols for and conducting in-depth interviews and focus groups with program administrators and participants to gain a deeper understanding of the program’s processes and effects

  • Using appropriate statistical analysis to assess program impact

  • Creating publication-quality narrative reports of findings on program progress and effectiveness


Building Organizational Capacity

Data Works cooperates with your organization to accomplish the following:

  • Identify resources

  • Develop feasible, measurable outcomes based on services/activities delivered

  • Increase capacity for understanding the evaluation process

  • Understand and use data to make informed decisions

We also offer on-site or virtual training and technical assistance to ensure that staff are well-versed in the use of all data collection tools we create.


Proposal & Grant Writing

We assist clients with:

  • Writing proposals to secure grants

  • Developing an appropriate evaluation plan

  • Researching and writing the needs assessment

  • Developing logic models