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Who We Are

Data Works is an applied research and program evaluation company. Since 2010, we have been providing organizations with the tools and capacity to analyze effectiveness, address relevant issues, guide decision-making, and maximize results. Data Works creates valid and reliable data collection tools to obtain information about client metrics and use appropriate statistical techniques for data analysis to identify program progress towards meeting stated goals.

Our Mission & 


Our mission is to provide organizations with the tools and capacity necessary to effectively meet their clients' needs. Program evaluation is about accountability, insight, and quality improvement; this is exactly what Data Works provides.

We strive to help program managers and stakeholders to understand the role data plays in:

  • Making Informed Decisions

  • Improving Service Delivery

  • Informing Policy

  • Securing and Maintaining Funding

Our bold thinkers bring a range of skills that cross methods and disciplines to deliver real results and tools to help organizations meet the needs of their clients.

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